This is a humorous, fun loving 2007 Deer Season Creative Target Competition,
sponsored by Bananas At Large®

***Note From Da BananasAtLarge®***

Become ar.... "IDLE Hunter" of 2007
by winning da official
"2007 Turdy Point Buck®, An Der He Was Gone, Itchy-Wild, Hair-Trigger-Finger, Half Cocked, Red Hot Spark, Shot In Da Dark, Shootem Up, BIG Wussy Blind-Fold, Target Blasting, Lead Castin, Creative Target Shootin Competition"!
Yessery BOB!

Finny's got a new girlfriend... but she dosen't know it yet. ("Anja", up der in da pitcher)

Heres how it works... We send yer local radio station da "Target Shootin Pack":
Der's only gonna be Turdy, DATS "30" in case yous can't read english, of ar Turdy Point Buck® official competition targets at each radio station. Da first ting you gadda do is get yer hands on one. We can make up da rules as we go, but hey, dis is Mandatory:...All targets out der godda be signed by yer own dat way we can know for sure it's really yers. Den use da target "creatively" fer target practice. Remember da rules dat ya get from yer station. Anything goes...paint-ball, spit ball, cannon ball, what ever trips yer trigger! Dat way, everybody's got a shot at it.. *Shooters win extra points if dey can hunt down da name of Finny's new girlfriend on ar website,, and write it down on der target someplace. (Remember ta read da rules of Hunter Safety at da bottom of da target)

Den you gadda send us yer dead (used) targets along wit yer best "Banana-style" Idle Hunter Pichure of Yerself (jpeg. if available) and we might choose you as ar Grand Prize Winner...da one who will become da First "BananasAtLarge® "Idle Hunter of Deer Huntin an Shootin", to be Enshrined (wit yer station call letters, yer target and yer pichure) on ar website in da Idle Hunter Hall a' Fame, right here in da Bananas bazment. Grand Prize winner also gets da official Off-Road Commode... a must-have fer a true Idle Hunter. By da way, Second Prize Target wins an official BananasAtLarge® TURDY POINT BUCK® Knife, engraved wit' da Turdy Point Buck rite on da blade! And den, der's a Banana's twist, of course. Ar Turd Place Winner wins First Place. (If this is confusing, dats a good ting and we did a good job.)

But wait ! ders more...
In addition, a winning target will also be chosen from each radio station --we'll choose one Station Winner from each participating station an display dose targets on ar official web site, tool.( Dey just ain't gonna be" Enshrined ")

But wait ! ders more... Station Winners also get a Bananas at Large® Turdy Point Buck®, Deer Camp Collection (da First, Second, and Turd Album).

We get such a warm fuzzy feelin' about dis, jest da thought it of it waters up ar eyes.

So become One-A-Da-Bunch; send in yer target and get in on ar big search for da BananasAtLarge® Idle Hunter of 2007.



We make ar Mudders proud!
Yah Sure You Betcha.

Now don't forget ta hav yer mudders sign yer shot-up targets, and send 'em here, to da Bananas at Large Target Shootin' Contest, P.O.Box 36, Amherst Junction, WI 54407-0036. Attn: Larz n' Finny.

Bribing da Official judge is OK by us. He's nuts about acorns.

*If the winning recipient of the Buck Knife is a minor, the Buck Knife will be presented to the winner's parent or legal guardian for the minor.


CreativeTARGET SHOOT'n competition
English version - 2007 PROMOTION Rules for SELECT RADIO STATIONS

-Participating radio stations get _30_ targets (one per person, max) so get yer hands on one.

-Send us your dead (used) target, along with your best Idle Hunter Picture to BananasAtLarge® (jpg. if possible or regular photo)

-Include your Name, Address, Phone#, Email, and favorite Radio Station on every thing you send.

-Target Posters must be signed by contestants own mudders (Mothers).

- For extra credit, contestants must find, on our website , the name of Finny's new girl friend, and write it down someplace on their target.

We're looking for creative targets that stand out. We'll check for *originality ,*creativity and *the mark of what "da Bananas" would consider a true " Idle Hunter". We'll know it when we see it.

Send Your Target & Picture To:
BananasAtLarge® Att."Larz & Finny "
P.O.Box 36
8836 Edgewater Drive
Amherst Junction, WI. 54407
800-872-1944 phone
715-824-5031 fax

-Pictures of all winners and their targets will be displayed on the BANANASATLARGE.COM web site along with their radio station's call letters. Please remember to send your picture ( jpeg. preferred, or standard photograph). An interesting "Banana-style" photo may add to your overall score.

-The Grand Prize Target will be chosen by BananasAtLarge® & we'll award the Grand Prize Winner just the thing for a #1 "Idle Hunter"... their very own "Off Road Commode"... and their Target will be "Enshrined" on our official website.

-Deadline for dead-target submission is December 5th, 2007; mail in your target by November 27, 2007.

-So Let Us Know if you wanna make history! Send us your dead target along with your best Idle Hunter Picture & become One-A-Da-Bunch.
Get in on da search . Who knows, You could be chosen as the
"Idle Hunter" of 2007 .