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Dis here page is dedicated to da DJ's an' Radio stations all over da US of A, dat support da Banana cause. On dis page you will find info fer promotional materials, interview information, and new products.

turdy point buck cds

CD's an' Cassettes of da "Classic" and da "Sequel" fer prizes an' give-aways

Bumper Stickers fer da office decor or dat yappy-mouth who don't shuddup

Promotional Stickers fer makin' da place more like home (ours dat is...)


Posters/Shooting Targets and MORE!

Live & Recorded Interviews wit da Bananas.

Have Bananas At Large Record Station ID's and whacky liners for your show promotions.

Fax copy to 715-824-5031

Contact Gary at 800-872-1944.

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Or e-mail