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Well, you finally made it, you're about as far north as you can get on the internet, one more click and you'll be "Up Nort"! Beyond smell, beyond odor, beyond belief. Reality stops here...

Larz da hermit, Rain man of the north woods, excommunicated priest who recommunicated himself.

Finny, owner of the famous Noware Hardware store in the northern town of Nowhere

Gordy Skibinski, super Pollock, hobby farmer and local worm breeder.

Toot, the County crew chief, Neldah's "belly of iron" and

Da County Boys, heros of the asphalt, forensic champions of the north, to whom the word "book" is a four letter word.
Neldah, the sparkle in Toot's eye, the Queen of da north and the welcome mat of the Dang Near Saloon.

Flip N' Max, a couple of da younger whitetails hangin' out behind the "Dang Near" saloon.

Itchy, inventor of dat itchy, scratchy, stinky-sweaty, stuffy head fever so you-can-get-a-deer medicine.

Rosalie brings a touch of "eye candy" to the North Woods environment and is the extra heartbeat of the County crew.